Biochemic Mineral Tissue Salt Calcium Phosphoricum 6D

What is Calcium Phosphoricum?

An important mineral for body, teeth and bones.


Biochemic Mineral Tissue Salt Calcium Phosphoricum 6D

Suitable for adult and children.

Calcium phosphoricum helps to build the cells, for it helps to split protein into amino acids, which are the building stones of all cell formation. It helps the build-up of blood corpuscles and may assist during teething. It also aids the prevention of muscular cramps and pain during menstruation, especially helpful for younger girls. It is beneficial for anemia, bone diseases, constitutional weakness and ailments that prove obstinate. Calcium phosphoricum is a general nutrition tonic and often indicates that there has been defective nutrition. As this Tissue Salt assists in digestion and assimilation, it is excellent after surgery when the digestive system has slowed right down. Calcium phosphoricum is also recommended for the supporting anemia in conjunction with Ferrumphosphoricum.

Calcium phosphoricum strengthens the body and forms the hard bone mass. It has an effect on the cell membrane and is involved in the formation of protein.

Support for the symptoms of dentition disorders, bone affections, dyspepsia and helps as a growth supplement for children and old age.

Allergy Advise: Contains Lactose (milk sugar).

Each tablet contains tablet 125mg of Calcium Phosphoricum 6D.

1 Bottle Size 50g – Contains 180 Tablets

Easy and convenient to quick dis-solvable.

Product Indication

The field of application derives from Dr Schusslers Biochemic Tissue Salts Therapy.

Directions: 2 Times A Day (Morning & Evening)

Adults: 6 Tablets in a day

Children: 6 years to 16 years – 4 tablets in a day

Children: 6 months to 5 years – 2 Tablets in a day (for infants dissolve in water)

Safety Warning: Keep out of reach of children, do not use if cap or seal is broken.

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